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Cours Saint Dominique Savio

1, rue Neuve-des-Horts 34690 Fabrègues. Phone : 04 67 02 42 97

In the land of pines and olive trees, of blue coastlines and golden forests, of ancient history-filled cities and strongholds, St. Dominic Savio School of St. Francis de Sales’ Priory opens its doors to welcome both boys and girls into the Primary and Middle-school grades.
Situated in the heart of the village of Fabrègues, in the region of Hérault, about 12 km from Montpellier, this school benefits from a peaceful atmosphere of pine trees and fresh sea air blowing gently from the nearby Mediterranean Sea and providing an ideal setting for quality learning.

  • Boys and girls kindergarten through 5th grade
  • School lunch, bring your own lunch, or lunch at home
  • Day students


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