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Teaching life


Their aim is to be Catholic Schools, independent of government aid, where the teaching of the truths of the faith and classical culture are honored, and where feminine tasks have their place.

This means:

– that in everything, our schools desire to be in agreement with the directives of the Roman Catholic Church,
– that, receiving no material assistance from the government, they are free to choose their teachers, students, and textbooks, to organize their curriculum and schedule for the greatest good of the children,
– that, since teaching is the privileged means of guiding hearts toward good and virtue, without ever separating teaching from education, their first goal will be to transmit truth,
– that, being primarily for girls, they will take into account the feminine nature and will prepare their students to become true women and model homemakers.


Taught in the light of Faith and enlightened by Thomist philosophy, every subject transmits, with the greatest possible respect, the knowledge of the natural values engraved by God in the hearts of men.

Truly, many domains must be cultivated in order to form tomorrow’s Christian women:
– The intelligence must be rooted in Truth and protected from error.
– The will needs to be anchored in Good and inflamed with the love of God.
– The sensibility is to be awakened by Beauty.

The teaching of Catholic Doctrine, according to the tradition of the Roman Catholic Church, will occupy the first place.

The study of English, French, Latin, and Greek literature also holds an important place, because our teaching is destined for young ladies rooted in the Greco-Latin culture of Western tradition.

All the other subjects also contribute to the formation of judgment and permit the students to discover, without vain erudition, the treasures of humanity which they contain.


As established by God, the family holds the primary responsibility for the education of children. The role of the school is not to take the place of the family but to complement it in the work of education.

The atmosphere of the school must be one of honesty, joy and trust.

Far from meaning anarchy and lack of discipline, this atmosphere requires that there be an acknowledged understanding between parents and teachers, and between teachers and children.

Thus, it is indispensable that there be, between the parents and the school, a fundamental agreement on essential matters.


Docility: the chief quality of the student which consists of actively and joyfully allowing herself to be formed.

Purity: a purity much deeper than an exterior correctness or abstention from scandal.

Simplicity: the children are welcomed into simple surroundings, and they must be dressed tastefully and simply, according to their feminine nature. Their dignified appearance and behavior should command respect.

Faith: the most important duty of the school is to transmit the supernatural truth that Jesus Christ has revealed and confided to His Church, and to form children to pray and to receive the sacraments, according to the tradition of the Catholic Church.

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