Nous soutenir

Our Great Passion

“Walk as children of the light”
(Ephesians 5:8)

As parents, teachers and educators, we have the mission of leading the souls of children toward the Light which will be the path of their life and their happiness. Each week, we will offer you the discovery of a few words coming from guides and witnesses, to enlighten our route. Happy reading!

“It is better to keep children to their duty by a sense of honor and by kindness than by fear.”

TÉRENCE (around190 – 59 BC)
Comic Latin poet

“Truth must be our great passion. Our thoughts must be true; our desires, our heart’s affections, every movement of our life, must be true. To reach this goal demands formidable work. Study is necessary, and most of all, there is need of recollection, a great interior silence, and a constant submission to this intimate and mysterious word which God speaks within each of our hearts.”

Rev. Fr. Irénée VALLÉE (20th century)

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