Nous soutenir

Those Ferrymen of Souls

“Walk as children of the light”
(Ephesians 5:8)

Parents, leaders, and educators, we have a mission, a duty to lead children's souls toward the Light which will be their guide and their happiness. In order to illuminate the way that lies before each one of us, once a week we invite you to discover some of the words of certain wisemen and witnesses, measuring their worth by the words of St. Thomas Aquinas: “Do not consider the one who speaks, but whatever good you hear from him, confide it to your memory.” (from The Sixteen Ways to Acquire the Treasure of Knowledge by St. Thomas). Happy reading!

“I love, I sing, I believe.” (His motto)

Théodore BOTREL (1868-1925)
author, composer and interpreter

“Our notebooks have grown old in the darkness of trunks, cellars, or attics; they kept the memory of our sorrows and our joys, of our disappointments, of our discoveries… They remain stamped with the imprint of those “ferry-men of souls, those awakeners of knowledge and of light, who were our teachers—through their many corrections and comments in red ink, their grading, their scoldings, and their compliments; through the fruits, the flowers, the animals, the objects, the landscapes, the different friezes that colored the pages by the touch of a stamp.”

Jean-Pierre GUÉNO (1955)

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