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An absolutely unique language

“Walk as children of the light”
(Ephesians 5:8)

Parents, leaders, and educators, we have a mission, a duty to lead children's souls toward the Light which will be their guide and their happiness. In order to illuminate the way that lies before each one of us, once a week we invite you to discover some of the words of certain wisemen and witnesses, measuring their worth by the words of St. Thomas Aquinas: “Do not consider the one who speaks, but whatever good you hear from him, confide it to your memory.” (from The Sixteen Ways to Acquire the Treasure of Knowledge by St. Thomas). Happy reading!

“Be faithful to your duty and to your cross. God speaks to each of us in an absolutely unique language.”

Père RHÉTORÉ (XXth century)

Do you remember the force of this drama that came upon us during those three days? Therein you have humanity’s entire history, and there we find the fullness of revelation, both of man and of God. Do you remember how Jeremy weeps over the state into which our sins have cast us — this state that is that of all humanity, of every nation, of each soul? And we have the Psalms in which Our Lord speaks, suffering with us all that sin makes us suffer in body and soul, and crying out His anguish to God… You remember that Jesus, Who is purity itself, took on our likeness and thus, weighed down by our sufferings, sanctified them, turned them into a remedy and something worthy of merit, and He permits us to tell them to God, after Him and through Him.”

Mère Geneviève GALLOIS (1888-1962)
Benedictine, Artist in Paint, Engraving and Stained Glass

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