Nous soutenir

The flowing stream and fountain

“Walk as children of the light”
(Ephesians 5:8)

Parents, leaders, and educators, we have a mission, a duty to lead children's souls toward the Light which will be their guide and their happiness. In order to illuminate the way that lies before each one of us, once a week we invite you to discover some of the words of certain wisemen and witnesses, measuring their worth by the words of St. Thomas Aquinas: “Do not consider the one who speaks, but whatever good you hear from him, confide it to your memory.” (from The Sixteen Ways to Acquire the Treasure of Knowledge by St. Thomas). Happy reading!

“Jesus will be in agonie until the end of the world. We mustn’t sleep during that time. (Pensées, n. 553)”

PASCAL (1623-1662)
Mathematician, Physicist, Inventor, and Philosopher

“To thee do I come, O Queen of such noble lineage, Lady of the heavens and the earth, To lament the affront given me by the enemy who wars against me; My poor heart shrinks in my chest: Alas! Dear Lady, come to my aid, for I hardly know where I might turn for comfort, sweet Virgin, if I do not receive it from you. Since I must finish, Virgin Mary, lead my soul away from torment, guard it from evil and keep it pure, I beg you, sovereign Virgin; You, the flowing stream and fountain, who wash each stained soul, Keep my soul from a wicked death, and thus I end my lament. Amen”

ANONYMOUS (Middle Ages)

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