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The Joy of God!

“Walk as children of the light”
(Ephesians 5:8)

As parents, teachers and educators, we have the mission of leading the souls of children toward the Light which will be the path of their life and their happiness. Each week, we will offer you the discovery of a few words coming from guides and witnesses, to enlighten our route. Happy reading!

Let us be Christians… from Sunday to Saturday, from evening until morning, and from morning until evening, in all places and in all of our activities.”

Fr. Michel SIMOULIN (1943)

“What is Liturgy?” asked Charlemagne of his knowledgeable advisor and chaplain one day. “Liturgy,” replied the monk, “is the joy of God.” “Liturgy is also,” affirms Dom Gueranger, “the joy of nations, that is, the joy of men who have become sons of God.”

ALCUIN (735-804)
English poet, scholar, theologian and Latinist; Charlemagne’s advisor
Dom GUÉRANGER (1805-1875)
French Benedictine monk, who re-founded the Abbey of Solesmes and restored the Benedictine Order in France

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