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Budding Contemplatives

“Walk as children of the light”
(Ephesians 5:8)

As parents, teachers and educators, we have the mission of leading the souls of children toward the Light which will be the path of their life and their happiness. Each week, we will offer you the discovery of a few words coming from guides and witnesses, to enlighten our route. Happy reading!

“What can we do if we want to take God’s place ?” Agnes asked her mother.
“Oh, but no, we cannot – ,” begins Mother.
“No,” the little child pursued, “I do not mean to be God; I mean to be on the Cross like Him.”
Hearing an example like this, the educator, embarrassed, can merely strike his breast, saying to God, “Lord, have pity on me, an imbecile, for I have put my efforts into teaching these little children what the Board of Education requires, whereas you have confided to me little budding contemplatives.”

Hélène LUBIENSKA DE LENVAL (1895-1972)

“Behold His hands. They have been nailed; He can, therefore, no longer perform those gestures which bless, which pardon, which point toward Heaven. Look at His feet. They have been nailed. He can no longer walk from one village to another, from one misery to another. Tragically immobile. See His eyes. Through that veil of bloody tears, they can still see; and in their looks, they express so much interior distress, so much sweet supplication, so much ardent Love. Look at His lips. Whether they are pale or blue, moist from tears or burning with fever, they can still move. In halting words, He can say His last wishes, transmit His last messages, give His final words of advice. Look at His head. Heavy with thorns and pain, red with blood yet white with infinite weariness. Still He raises it towards the Father to pray, lowers it toward the crowd to forgive, and towards His own to love…
Three long hours, the most poignant in all human history.”

Fr. BELLOUARD (20th century)

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